7 celebrity garden elements you’ll want to copy


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1. Jason Mraz – avocado tree

Be like the ‘I’m Yours’ singer-songwriter and plant an avocado tree. Living on a 2.2 hectare avocado farm in California, Jason has no problems whipping up smashed avo on toast for breakfast with friends. Surprisingly, avocado trees grow successfully across Australia, from Darwin to Tasmania! And with the trees being self-pollinating, you don’t need a whole farm – just one should be enough.

Image: via Huffington Post

2. President Obama – statement entrance

Strictly this isn’t the former president’s personal estate. But this Hawaiian rental property at Kailua Bay on the main island includes a lagoon style pool, waterfalls and awesome views. Fittingly, it also has an impressive statement entrance to welcome guests and their entourage. Symmetry, good lighting and a tantalising glance into what’s beyond are the key elements here.

Image: via Top Ten Real Estate Deals

3. Cate Blanchett & Andrew Upton – statement trees

When the couple sold their heritage harbourside Hunters Hill mansion, it wasn’t just the sophisticated contemporary interiors that garnered gasps of envy. The landscaping – low maintenance and practical for an active, jet-setting family – also shared the stage. The muted colours of the sandstone paving, retaining walls and gorgeous pool, were offset by the vibrant purple of the flowering jacarandas. Just beautiful!

Images: via Domain

4. Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady – avenue of trees

Even if you’re pressed for space, you can create a mini avenue with four trees, just as Gisele and Tom have done. Choose trees with branches that spread a little and form a vase or oval shape. Also, for more impact, think colour! Some trees with spectacular autumn leaves and flowers include Japanese maple, crepe myrtle, Manchurian pear, Cercis chinensis ‘Avondale’ or Prunus mume ‘Splendens’. Add interest in the garden beds below with massed plantings. Or make it easy on yourself when the leaves and petals fall and need to be raked – simply create mulched beds held in place by attractive garden edging such as Link Edge.

Images: via Architectural Digest

5. Julianne Moore – controlled wilderness

What we love about the actor’s New York garden is how her courtyard feels so wild, yet is essentially low maintenance. Sticking to a green and dark grey colour palette helps the courtyard to feel like a cool oasis in the middle of the city that never sleeps. Plantings at different heights, the spreading tree creating dappled light and massed groupings of pots add to the sense that this could be a forest glade.

Images: via Architectural Digest

6. Oprah Winfrey – vegetable patch

In Oprah’s case, the vegetable patch on her Hawaiian property is more farm than patch. But you get the picture – every home needs its own little space for fresh herbs and some easy to grow vegetables.

Image: via 365 Days of Self Care

7. Chris Brown – tiered hardscaping

Chris purchased a new beachside property in late 2017 – and the hardscaping is every bit as handsome as the Bondi Vet himself! Bring some of this style to your home with garden beds at different heights, wide steps to lounge on and matching wall and floor tones to increase the sense of space. The minimalist chic of Chris’ new garden is balanced by the warmth of inbuilt wood seating and a splash of neatly contained lawn adjacent the house. This gorgeous garden probably even has Link Edge garden edging between that lawn and the garden beds. Which means the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here host can spend more time surfing than maintaining his plot.

Image: Phillips Pantzer Donnelly