Why Link Edge?

Because you want edging perfection! Link Edge lets you design and shape  your garden, pavers, driveway and other outdoor areas any way you want. Link edge is visually appealing and has many advantages over other edging techniques.

Cement garden edging

Its a crack up! Plus expensive to install, maintain and the looks? Hmm…

Wood garden edging

Rots, and attracts pests. Treated wood edging contains nasty chemicals.


Fades, cracks and do you really want that breaking down in your garden?


Rusts, develops sharp edges and is difficult to design with.


Garden Edging

When it comes to having a nice looking garden you have to have good Garden Edging in place. Not only does neat Garden Edging help define the different areas of your garden by showing a dividing line, but it can help keep those areas separate from each other. You don’t want your lawn encroaching on …


Corporate Details

Link Edge
32-34 Cormack Road
Wingfield 5013
South Australia

Telephone: +61 (08) 8347 4447
Facsimile: +61 (08) 8312 0223

For safety and barrier products:

Link Plus www.linkplus.com.au