The Perfect Garden Edging Solution!

Let’s face it, when it comes to the edging in the garden, we want it to look perfect and stay that way.

There are many types and styles to choose from but most of them don’t last or keep that perfect look. It doesn’t matter if that edge is separating a garden bed from lawn, pavers or some sort of rock bed or path, you want it to keep its looks and not need replacing or updating every year.

With the LinkEdge garden edging system, you can keep that perfect look year after year!

Garden Edging Ideas

When it comes to Garden Edging Ideas, none are as long-lasting or as flexible as LinkEdge. Cement cracks, wood rots, plastic fades and cracks, steel rusts, rocks move and rubber just doesn’t last or keep its shape. But LinkEdge isn’t like any of those! Its aluminium design lasts the test of time, no matter the weather conditions! And its flexibility allows you to create a straight or curved edge!

Metal Garden Edging

While LinkEdge is metal, it’s not steel or copper but aluminium garden edging. Aluminium doesn’t crack, rot, fade or rust. This is why we chose it for our LinkEdge system. Additionally, this allows a flexibility to the lengths which means you can have curved or straight lines and it can be powder coated in a variety of colours.

The LinkEdge Product Range

We have a variety of products for you to choose from with lengths of two or three metres and heights ranging from 40mm to 100mm in the standard form which suits the majority of gardens. See our product range here

Heavy Duty Garden Edging

In the instances where you have a harder surface to work with, the heavy-duty option is available. There are extra anchor points in the heavy-duty range, allowing you to use our spikes and Ramset pins.

This is used primarily in higher compaction and high traffic areas like a driveway. The heavy duty range is available in three-metre lengths only with the choice of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm heights.

Low profile garden edging?

Need a lower profile garden edging? We now have a low profile edging range that is only 16mm or 20mm in height. This is perfect for use with permeable paving and tiling or other low profile aggregates!

Square & Circle Garden Edging Kits

Want to put an edge around a tree or a special section? Why not use the square or circle kits! These are made for exactly that. To create perfectly symmetrical edges that are hard to replicate with other edging products.

The Square KIt is available in 500mm or 1000m sides and the Circle Kit is available in 630mm or 950mm diameters.

Garden edging Accessories

We also have a range of edging accessories available. Things like corner connectors, extra spikes, fishplate connectors and spike guides if you need them.

Great looking garden edging

Thanks to its unique design, the LinkEdge system looks great in any garden or path. You can select colours to make your edging invisible or add some extra colour if you desire.

Check out our photos on the ideas page for a few of the designs that we have had the pleasure of being a part of and see for yourself just how great

LinkEdge could be in your garden! We’re sure that once you do, you will agree that LinkEdge is the Perfect Garden Edging Solution!

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