Aluminum Garden Edging

With the arrival of the warmer weather, many people are heading into the garden to clean up those winter weeds and do general tidy-ups. This can include replacing old edging systems or planting new garden beds that require a new aluminium garden edging to keep it all neat and orderly.

If you need to create or replace the garden edging system, then you have some options to consider. These including garden edging using plastic, wood, cement, rock or metal.

In a previous article on metal garden edging we discussed the various edging options and their advantages and disadvantages. In our experience, an Aluminum Garden Edging Strip is the best choice.

Why Aluminum Garden Edging?

The major advantages of Aluminum Garden Edging are that it doesn’t rust, crack, fade, develop sharp edges or need painting. Aluminium edging is also lightweight so easily carried to the worksite. Further aluminium is able to be more easily shaped into curves. This is why aluminium is our choice when it came to manufacturing our edging system.

The Aluminum Garden Edge System

Our Aluminum Garden Edge System, we call Link Edge, is not only made from the perfect material for the garden but is also very versatile in other ways.

Being aluminium, the Link Edge garden edging system is able to be powder coated in a variety of colours. We currently have ten different colours available.

Our garden and lawn edging can be used for long straight; curved edges. Even an S-shaped design is no problem thanks to the linking system built into Link Edge.

We even manufacture circles and squares for that perfect looking tree or shrub edge and corner connectors for when you have a right angle. All of this can be done on a flat surface or a slope, on hard or soft ground and is available in a variety of heights.

How Does Link Edge Work?

The Link Edge system uses lengths of aluminium that can be joined together with connectors to form a seamless edge around your garden or lawns. Link edge can be flexed into whatever shape you desire or left as a straight piece for that perfectly straight line. If you want a right angle, then use a corner connector and you have it. The holes in the bottom are for spikes which when hammered into place, keep your edging in place.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Edging

There is a Heavy Duty Link Edge as well. This is for high traffic areas or very hard surfaces. The heavy-duty Link Edge has more holes for additional spikes. It also has smaller holes for Ramset pins to attach the edging to concrete or other hard surfaces.

You can also add an additional spike guard to enhance upright rigidity if needed.

Easy Installation Process

We provide step by step installation instructions that make it easy for you to install our Aluminum Garden Edge System, Link Edge.

Here is a quick explanation…

  1. Clear the area
  2. Position your first length, half-fix it in place
  3. Position and connect the second length and half-fix into place
  4. Repeat until all lengths are in place. If not in the correct position, remove spikes and reposition. Once you’re happy with how it looks, finish fixing in place and fill both sides with your chosen surfaces.

Have a look at our Garden Edging Ideas page to give you inspiration and see how the finished product can look.

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