Metal Garden Edging


Are you looking for that perfect garden edging idea? Well, look no further! Link Edge’s Metal Garden Edging solution is what you are looking for. It’s easy to install, provides nice clean looking edges, will not rust and is affordable!

Why Metal Garden Edging is Better

Metal Edging provides neat, clean and defined lines right where you want them. Unlike plastic, wood, rock or cement, Metal Garden Edging does not corrode, discolour, fade, break down and splinter, crack, rot or fall apart. Beware though that not all metal is the same. Steel will rust, end up with sharp edges or create other safety issues. However, Aluminium doesn’t do any of these things.

Why Aluminium Garden Edging is even better

Aluminium is the best choice for Metal Garden Edging. It doesn’t rust, fade or develop sharp edges. It is easy to bend to the shape you desire and our Link Edge product has curved edges for safety.

What is Link Edge’s Metal Garden Edging

Link Edge is a Metal Edging solution that uses aluminium lengths that can be left straight, bent to shape or on a certain angle, joined together to form a seamless appearance and can be used on any slope or flat surface. With a variety of options to choose from depending on the use, surface you’re connecting too or height of the edge you want, Link Edge is the perfect solution for all garden edging.

Metal Garden Edging that’s Easy to Install

Link Edge is one of the easiest metal garden edging solutions to install that you will ever come across. There are four basic steps to installation:-

  1. Clear the area and position your lengths of Link Edge, bending to create curves is you desire
  2. Starting at one end, start to half-hammer in the edge spikes to fasten your first length into position
  3. Connect your lengths together if you have more than one and continue to half-hammer in the spikes on the next length. Repeat this step until all lengths are in position.
  4. Ensure all the Link Edge pieces ore in the position/s you desire. If not, remove the spikes and reposition. If so, finish hammering in the spikes and fill both sides of the Link Edge with the surfaces you have chosen.

LinkEdge Metal Garden Edging Products

There are three main choices in the LinkEdge metal garden edging range; Original, Heavy Duty and Low.

Original Metal Garden Edging is available in two lengths, 2m and 3m and four height profiles, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. Original Link Edge suits the majority of edging jobs that you would want to use it for.

Heavy Duty Metal Garden Edging is only available in 3m lengths with 50mm, 75mm or 100mm height profiles. It is designed to be used in heavier compaction and high-traffic areas. There are two series of holes running through the length, one is for the Link Edge spikes and the other is for other fasteners like Ramset pins for when you need to fix to very hard surfaces. Link Edge Heavy duty is ideal for driveways and carparks.

The new range of Low Link Edge is available in 16mm and 20mm height profiles and is ideal for use with permeable paving, tiling, rubber surfaces and other types of low-profile aggregate and shuttering.

There are two other products available, square and circle Metal Edging Kits for trees, shrubs or other garden plants that you wish to edge separately. The square Garden Edging kit is available in 500mm x 500mm or 1000mm x 1000mm and the circle kit in 630mm or 950mm diameter. Both metal edging kits come in 75mm height profile with other heights available on request (40mm, 50mm and 100mm).

All Link Edge Metal Garden Edging products are available in a range of Dulux® Customcolour™ powder coating colours. Surcharges apply.

Instructional Video

See how you can use LinkEdge’s metal garden edging system to beautify and organise your garden.